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Our Service

Redwoods Capital offers both core, core-plus, and value-add of investment strategies for Multi-family unit and Student housing. Redwoods Capital targets properties with specific pricing or geographically sweet spot where we believe there may be less bidding competition, greater inventory and higher upside through renovations or management improvements.  


An effective way for investors to pool financial resources to acquire properties and projects much bigger than they could afford or manage on their own with minimum placement of $50,000 in a sponsored investment.


Redwoods Capital acts as the Sponsor in the pooling of investor equity to acquire properties in carefully selected MSAs across the country. RWS contributes a portion of the equity and its decades of experience in the sourcing, acquiring and asset managing of the properties within the Company’s portfolio on behalf of its investors.

  • We maintain the investor relationships throughout the life of every Redwoods Capital's investment.

  • We provide investors with monthly reports, market data and annual assessments and also work to identify, evaluate and tap investment opportunities.

  • We monitor the market and property performance and advise owners on optimal strategies for refinancing, holding and/or selling.

Seperate Account & Asset Management

A separate account has the advantage of being tailored to the specific needs of a client. Redwoods Capital designs and manages real estate separate accounts for institutional and qualified private investors consistent with each client’s objective.


We typically customize separate accounts to reflect a client’s individual objectives with respect to return goals and threshold to risk, geographic allocations and cash flow requirements.

Put Investors First

Financing and Joint-venture option can be structured relative to either a full ownership or majority decision making, depending on the needs of an investor.

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