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Welcome to Redwoods Capital!

Delivering attractive market leading returns and actively manage risks by investing in Multifamily and Student Housing

Our Mission

Allowing investors to become passive investors alongside us while we build and preserve capital through stabilized cash flowing Multifamily properties across the United States

Investment Strategy

Providing private investors direct access to resilient and stable investments on a recurring, deal-by-deal basis, enabling investors to customize their own real estate portfolio through diversified, passive monthly cash-flow, risk-adjusted return, and tax-efficient through depreciation, while remaining sensitive to capital preservation.

Grass Lawn

Our Core Competencies

Student Housing

Recession proof investment with low supply and high demand. This investment model has stable cashflow and high IRR

Team of Experts

Our team are prominent industry leaders in legal, tax, investment, assets & wealth management. We understand and customize deals to fit with investors in U.S and around the world

Effective Acquisition

Redwoods Capitals targets properties with specific pricing or geographically sweet spot where we believe there may be less bidding competition, greater inventory and higher upside through renovations or management improvements

5-7 year exit

Our team frequently provide investors updates through monthly report, market data and annual assessment to identify, evaluate and tap exit opportunities for the property

What We Do


Extensive knowledge of market trends and access to off-market projects gives our Associates the edge amongst developers.  The principles’ proven track record and established relationships provide a strong connection with banks and brokers, which is key to the success of the development group. 


The experience gained by the variety and complexity of the projects executed by the  team is unsurpassed.  Our process has been optimized to achieve maximum cost reduction and shortest delivery schedule by training crews in-house, instilling high levels of efficiency.


We provide the expertise to manipulate projects through planning, financing, construction and management.  Our team presents a varied background across the industry which works to benefit those with whom we partner.


We offer equity, preferred equity, and mezzanine loans with competitive terms.  We are committed to maximizing the returns of our investment partners through multifaceted understanding of the markets while maintaining financial transparency.

Featured Projects

Strategic Partners


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